Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Thoughts about simplifying my plans to take better care of myself

The problem is I don't follow the advice that has been given to me.  I also have made plan after plan after plan.  There is this thing called having a short attention span.  I wonder if that was the reason or at least one of the reasons why I have not succeeded thus far.  I have gained most of the weight that I have lost.  Strangely enough, I realize that all I can do is to it over.  I can lose the weight.  Keeping it off is the hard part.  I believe that I was too restrictive with the amount of calories that I have consumed.  I tried too hard and I felt like a failure each time.  I have to have more confidence in myself and my goal to take charge of my health.  That is my goal.  I also have the goal to respect and love myself no matter what my size is.  It would not hurt if exercise was part of my plans as well.