Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Back to basics

This weekend I have tried at least to follow the daily diet and exercise plans.  Maybe the issue is that I deal too much.  I expect perfection and following the rules to the letter.  That is a type of black and white thinking that does not work.  It has ended up doing me no good.  I have the ground rules, but I find them hard to follow.  The best and only solution is to change my thinking.  I realize that with the type of black and white thinking is hard it will be quite difficult.  For example, it is best to keep things simple.  What is a meal plan and how do I incorporate exercise into that plan?  Do I write down what I need then put something together?  I ask these questions all of the time.  The problem is that I don't keep it simple.  I am at a point where I have allowed myself to be overwhelmed.  So, where do I begin?