Sunday, July 19, 2015

Specific explanation of diet and exercise goals

Specific explanation of diet goals
Be realistic.  I don't like to consume more than 2000 calories, but I end up doing so.  Why? It is because I have cravings light later in the day or even in the afternoons.  I am not a patient person, so have to learn to be patient with setting up a meal plan for a day or week.  I have tried to write out a monthly plan, but that is not for me.  It is not easy for me to follow.  In fact, it could be difficult because it is time consuming.  I also have to consider the fact that I don't live alone. Forming a meal plan would be much, much easier if I did live alone. I have to form a grocery list then I make a realistic plan according to what I have purchased.  It also helps to write down an inventory of the foods that I will consume and then discuss what I will buy.  I do admit to having trigger foods such as ice cream, crackers, and some potato and tortilla chips.  Whenever I have the time, I actually plan to prepare meals.  I have cut down on foods that are fried and I have decided to consume those that are high calories, processed, high in sodium, high in sugar, and high in unhealthy fat content.  I do not consume enough foods in potassium and calcium, yet I consume way too much sodium.  I do add too much salt to my foods.  I sometimes even add too much sugar to drinks as well.  However, I have managed to cut out those sweet drinks.  I have also decided to be more specific with my plans; that will go a long way into losing weight and eating healthy. 

Specific explanation of exercise goals
Right now, I am most able to walk.  I do walk on an average of 15-20 minutes per day, but is that the only exercise I should do?  How much time should I really exercise and should I exercise everyday?  The truth is, I exercise at least 5 days a week; however, I have to write things down.  I really don't exercise on Sundays or Tuesdays.  Why is that?  Sundays and Tuesdays are days that I have planned on in the past.  I unfortunately have taken the time to measure out that plan.  It started off well, but in the end I weened myself off of exercise completely.  I ended up procrastinating because of a fear of quitting.  I have decided that one day, if I wanted to lose weight and get healthy for life, I have to deal with my fears and just do it.  I have finally made the decision to exercise almost every single day.  I have made the decision not to feel guilty about exercising or not to exercise.  Because of finally owning up to my fears, I have decided to no longer be anxious about exercise.  Ironically, my anxiety has waned and I don't feel like a failure whose mind wasn't so clear.  My days were filled with anxiety, dread, and a feeling of failing health.  The truth is, my health was failing.  I am still overweight and I am still diabetic, but my goal is to be healthy by losing weight, staying active, and eating right.  Exercise has cleared my mind to the point where I want to exercise.  If only I had done this earlier.