Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Diet and exercise plan break

Diet plan break:
Now I know why I have issues with meal planning.  Don't get me wrong, meal planning and creating plans is something I love to go.  However, making menus for the next day, even the next week or month is quite difficult to do.  The reason being is not laziness or procrastination.  The real reason is that I have had difficulty following even the simplest instructions.  It has taken me a long time to actually be wise enough to even try to lose weight. It was frustrating and I have spent the morning trying to overcome this frustration.  I have learned in the last month that facing one's fears, doubts, and anxieties are a key to weight loss and overall health.  Dealing with a very short attention plan and being impatient are things that I need not just to work on but I feel I need to overcome.

Exercise plan:
I meant to go ahead and make more specific plans when it comes to exercise.  I got thrown off course once. Beating up on myself because I don't exercise everyday and because I get thrown off course are counterproductive to weight loss.  Good health is very important to me and has been for some time. I can and will continue to exercise.  I have not always exercised daily but I feel as if I had to catch up.  That has put a lot of pressure on me to exercise.  The only way to combat that is to live life one day at a time.