Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Groundwork for create a diet and exercise plan

Diet Goals
Consume 2000 calories or less; consume 1400-2000 calories per day.
Go to the refrigerator and be patient enough to write a meal plan for the day or week.
Make sure everyone is included in this plan.
Make sure the plan is realistic.
The plan is to follow a realistic schedule.
Determine if I am really hungry in terms of the foods I eat (per meal).
Write down trigger foods or drink.
Read and write down nutrition labels.
Be specific; write down times, trigger foods, nutrition, meals, and portions.
Write down number of calories consumed.
Write down a grocery list that will benefit everyone in the house. Shorten the grocery list.
Do an inventory.

Exercise Goals
Consider schedule for week.
Consider how much time to exercise.
Consider what exercises I am able to do.
Consider the time of day when to exercise.
Consider my mindset period.
Consider my health.
Consider if I am in need of equipment for said exercise such as shoes or weights.
Consider the length of the actual exercise.
Consider if I am able to exercise that long.
Consider why I think exercise, in my mind, is still somewhat drudgery.
Consider what my own motivation is to exercise.
Consider my emotional and physical state during exercise.                
Consider how I am supposed to gauge how much work I have done.
Consider my results and not forget to log them.
Consider the number of times to exercise per day.