Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What I would like to do to lose weight so that I can be fit.

I realize that doing the hard stuff is a great motivator.  What I am saying is with the hard stuff at least that it is something to move forward to.  Sadly as a beginner my body is barely accustomed to the easy stuff much less something like T25 or P90x.  I would love to see results after 90 days and improve my physique.  Right now, ironically, that is not my goal.  I am not looking for an "easy A" but I would like to formulate an exercise program that requires an exercise or two that I can actually follow.  I would like to also follow a plan that would not overwhelm me.  I don't wish to stay a beginner forever.  I would like to move on to the more difficult exercises, but losing weight should not be about being overwhelmed and letting it overwhelm me.  It isn't about exercise being too much of a chore or being something that I can take for granted.  It is about doing what I love while at the same time do something that is beneficial for my health and overall well-being.  That is what I would like to strive for.