Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Low and slow is the way to go

Weight Watchers Diet and Exercise Daily Plan for 1/13/15
WW (Weight Watchers) Food Plan Menu
Total 6
Total 18
Total 9
Total 8
Total points overall 41
Extra Points 8

Extra points 49
Extra points used 9
Extra points leftover 40
Total Activity Points 11
Total Activity Points Used 11
Total Activity Point Left 0

Weight Watchers Exercise Plan

Morning break from exercise

Neck strengthening exercises
Duration time 12 minutes
Impact: Low
Activity Points 1

Ab Exercises
Duration time 18 minutes
Impact : Low
Activity points 2

Total time of duration 30 minutes
Total activity points overall  3

It is best to always plan ahead the day, night, or week before.  Even planning meals for exercise overwhelm me.  I know this is about a change in mindset so that I won't be overwhelmed.  But I will remember that low and slow is the way to go.