Friday, January 30, 2015

Twenty questions about exercise that need to be answered

1. How do I be specific with the exercise(s) that I wish to do?

2.  Is the exercise realistic?

3.  Will it fit into my weight loss goals?

4.  What are my weight loss goals?

5.  What are the benefits of weight loss?

6.  How do I set my goals and accomplish those goals?

7.  How do I mesh those goals to lose weight by both diet and exercise?

8.  I wish to exercise but is my heart into it?

9.  What can get me started; how can my heart get into it?

10, What are my motivations as well as benefits to exercise?

11. How much exercise do I need through the day?

12.  What are the benefits of exercise and how will those benefit me?

13. Why should I exercise?

14.  Is it really overwhelming me to diet and exercise?

15. Why is my heart not into it and what is causing me to be overwhelmed?

16. Should I focus on just one or two parts of the body or should I focus on the whole body?

17. How should I prepare myself for exercise?

18. How do I get back on track?

19. How do I overcome any fears and anxieties I may have?

20. What is the most comfortable place to exercise?