Sunday, March 22, 2015

Today is a better day.

Yesterday was such a bad day, I had to do a repost.  I was bummed out yesterday.  I have all but given up on myself and on my so-called diet.  I am on Weight Watchers and yesterday, I felt like quitting.  I will not quit.  I do have issues that I need to address.  I wish that I was on a weight loss plateau but I am gaining weight.  Counting points is similar to counting about 40-50 calories per point.  Maybe I should increase the number of points for now and take it from there.  Right now, I am not doing well.  I am well past the number of extra weekly points and it has been so for the past two weeks.  I feel so bad about this or rather, guilty about this.  I may need to formulate a plan for both healthy eating (not diet) and exercise.  Maybe I am also making this too hard.  I have found out that losing weight shouldn't be too hard and mindset is important.