Monday, March 23, 2015

Rules and musings about formulating a diet and exercise plan

I plan to exercise at least four days per week.  Why only four days?  It is because I wish to take it as slow as possible.  I don't wish to start only to give up.  That is something that I have been doing over and over for a long time now.  It is time to motivate myself.  I haven't picked out the days to which I will take a break, the type of exercise, and how long to exercise.  I realize that I need to be specific. I also plan to be a beginner.  I will indeed grow tired of always being a beginner but at least it will be better than not at all.

As far as food, it has to be specific.  I have to realize that food is not and will not be an enemy.  I would like to start using food as fuel.  Food has not been my friend.  I have continually gained weight and after a while, I realize that losing weight will be even harder.  I do stress easily.  I was now overwhelmed.  Music helps to calm me down and maybe I should add to the exercise program.  Now I realize that I need to formulate a better plan.  How to start doing so, I have no clue.  I may have a clue but how to follow it, I don't know.