Friday, March 20, 2015

A Healthy heart and body

Dear Lord,

I usually don't write prayers on this blog, but I do need help.  Lately I have been taking breaks from formulating diet and exercise plans.  At first, it was working, but lately I don't know what I am doing. I need help in formulation a healthy meal and exercise plan.  Maybe calling it a diet is being restrictive.  I am not a healthy person and as it seems, most foods are trigger foods.  For the past several days, I have engaged in mindless eating.  I am not a healthy person.  I am a diabetic who has been diagnosed as having polycystic ovarian syndrome.  I have not been taking care of myself.  I have pain on parts of my body, but I am taking my health for granted.  I fear, for a lack of a better term, that my health will get even worse and that one day I would gain more weight for a time and then gain even more weight.  It has been like that for many years.  I would like to stop that cycle and whatever else that is or has been unhealthy.  I also am in dire need of support.  I know that I need to lose weight, yet I feel lonely.  There have been roadblocks.  It is as if I have no one else to talk to about my situation.  I do think that I can get some help online, but the problem is it is limited help. Most people don't know of my true struggle.  Most of them are strangers who may offer advice but that is all.  I have been overwhelmed and because of being easily overwhelmed, it may be harder for me than most.  The truth is, I feel like quitting.  I don't want to quit however.  There have been roadblocks but I think that even they can be addressed.  I need help and all of the support and guidance that I can get.  I ask that You would impart some wisdom to me.  I have little clue because I am alone mostly in this.  I need You to show me what I need to do.  Please answer my prayer for I am in such need.  Thank You and I give You praise for answering my prayers.  I know that all things are possible with You.

In Jesus' name,