Friday, June 19, 2015

Meal Plan for 6/20/15

7-9 AM
That is the time when I often eat breakfast.  It can be a large meal such as sausage, eggs, and toast or a meal replacement shake.  This is usually the largest, or small meal of the day.  I start off well, so in that aspect, I have no reason to feel bad about not consuming foods in moderation.
Snack Shake-Boost Glucose Control-Creamy Strawberry
Calories ~ 250
1 cup white seedless grapes
Calories ~ 90
Total ~ 340

11 AM- 1:30 PM
This is the largest meal of the day.  Should it be, I am not sure?  Maybe I should consult a nutritionist about this.  All I know is that I don't always consume foods in moderation at that time.  I make every effort to prepare foods at that time even if I make unhealthy choices such as salty processed foods.
Chicken Nuggets
Tossed Salad with dressing
Calories ~ 450

4-5:30 PM
This is often on average a smaller meal than lunch, but at smaller meal than lunch.  This is the average calorie intake.  It can also be at times the same calorie intake that I eat at lunchtime.  I tend to not eat a variety of foods.  Lunch is prepared around the afternoon, so I often consume what I prepare for lunch.
Tuna Sandwich
Tossed salad
Calories ~ 300

I tend to consume snacks at various times of the day obviously.  On average, I consume mostly 2-3 snacks a day on average.  The amount of snacks should be no more than 100-200 calories per snack time. Sometimes I would add a 4th snack because I admit that I  often consume foods during the day and it is hard for me to stay full after a meal, even a large meal at times.  So the 4th, even the 3rd snack tends to be optional however.
Total # of snacks 3

Snack 1
Orange and 1/4 cup raisins ~ 200

Snack 2
2 stalks of celery ~ 20

Snack 3
6 peanut butter crackers ~ 360

Approximate number of calories consumed ~ 1670