Saturday, June 13, 2015

Diet plan for 6/14/15

Trying to find and create a plan that works can be quite difficult.  It has been for myself.  I had to first find out what a diet plan entails. Do I create a plan for a day?  A week? or a month?  I wish I had to patience to take the time to create a weekly or monthly plan, so I go for a daily plan.  However, my plan needs to be more specific.  It also helps that I need to be more honest and actually follow the plan.  My goal is NOT to be such a perfectionist with it however.

Here is my diet plan for tomorrow, June 14, 2015.

Strawberry and banana yogurt (160-190 calories)
Black Coffee (0 calories)

I have to admit that for Sundays, I have no idea what I will eat.  I don't always prepare the meals then, so I will make somewhat of an idea of what I will consumed and what will be prepared on Sunday.  
2 carbs or proteins
1 or 2 vegetables (I need to add more fruits and vegetables to my plate)
1 serving of meat

Penne with spinach sauce and tomato pasta sauce
Baked chicken breast

Snack 1

Snack 2
Peanut butter crackers

Snack 3
Plain oatmeal with cinnamon (1/2 cup prepared) and honey

Snack 4
Canned pear canned in juice