Thursday, June 18, 2015

Meal Plan for 6/19/15

Sadly I have taken the time to mistake what I plan to consume.  Not only did I not follow the plan as written beforehand, but the food I consumed did not according to plan.  I admit that I do not eat healthy enough. I need to be more realistic and make more realistic plans for the day.  Subject to change is not of help to me. In fact, it make things worse.  Plans are to be followed.

The above entry is from yesterday.  I don't wish or even want to follow that same pattern.  I tend to follow that pattern because I don't take the time to slowly follow a plan that not only healthy, but that follows the health goals that I wish to set.  For example, 2 chili dogs are great for the moment, but they do not spell moderation.  I will write the description of realistic plans and explain each meal.

7-9 AM
That is the time when I often eat breakfast.  It can be a large meal such as sausage, eggs, and toast or a meal replacement shake.  This is usually the largest, or small meal of the day.  I start off well, so in that aspect, I have no reason to feel bad about not consuming foods in moderation.

11 AM- 1:30 PM
This is the largest meal of the day.  Should it be, I am not sure?  Maybe I should consult a nutritionist about this.  All I know is that I don't always consume foods in moderation at that time.  I make every effort to prepare foods at that time even if I make unhealthy choices such as salty processed foods.

4-5:30 PM
This is often on average a smaller meal than lunch, but at smaller meal than lunch.  This is the average calorie intake.  It can also be at times the same calorie intake that I eat at lunchtime.  I tend to not eat a variety of foods.  Lunch is prepared around the afternoon, so I often consume what I prepare for lunch.

I tend to consume snacks at various times of the day obviously.  On average, I consume mostly 2-3 snacks a day on average.  The amount of snacks should be no more than 100-200 calories per snack time. Sometimes I would add a 4th snack because I admit that I  often consume foods during the day and it is hard for me to stay full after a meal, even a large meal at times.  So the 4th, even the 3rd snack tends to be optional however.