Saturday, January 30, 2016

Plan for the first week of February and a reflection

2/1  Zumba, 5 minutes
2/2  rest
2/3  rest
2/4  weigh myself, walking, 5 minutes
2/5  rest
2/6  stretching, then walking, 5 minutes
2/7  pilates

Tomorrow, I will rest.  I have written an autobiography about myself.  It made things clearer.  I have to choose to exercise and push myself through it, even though I don't feel like doing so.  Writing is quite cathartic for me.  I realize that losing weight is 80% food, 20% exercise.  Twenty percent while smaller in importance than a healthy diet it seems, is still very important.  It is of great importance and sadly I have been using that as an excuse.  In fact, I have been making other excuses as well. Excuses are a way to shirk responsibility because no one else can lose the weight for me.