Sunday, January 24, 2016

Exercise Plans for 1/24-1/31

1/24  rest

1/25  Zumba, 5 minutes

1/26  rest

1/27  rest

1/28 Cize, 5 minutes

1/29  rest

1/30 weight lifting or strength training, 5 minutes

1/31 rest

Right now, I am just starting off slow, real slow.  What is so scary is that I need to lose weight and I want to give up.  Wanting to give up is so much easier than a change in mindset.  I am not even sure if I want to lose weight despite all of the blogs and the programs.  I feel like I have given up.  The question is, what should be my goal?  What is it that I want and need?  There are times when I just have no desire.  That is how I feel tonight.  Despite all of the inspiration and the videos about my weight, it just doesn't sink in, despite the fact that I can relate to all of these people in the videos and the tv shows.  I am scared but I am not concerned.  Why?  What is the matter with me?