Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Taking a break from yesterday

I am supposed to consume between the 1200-1600 limit.  I am also supposed to consume less than 200-250 grams of food and drink to consume.  The amount of water and caffeine I guess it is what is considered "free food" or rather, free drinks.  I have looked through the diabetic plans and the plans of others.  I am wondering how do I reconcile between the calories limit and the carb limit.  I admit that my calorie and carb take are rather large.  I realize that I need to change my diet if I were to take better care of myself and lose weight as a diabetic.  According to one website, my carb intake should be less than 173 carbs for my height, age, and weight.   How do I go about doing so?

Good question.  I am taking a break today from creating a meal plan for tomorrow.  The best thing to do is to get rid of processed foods and sweets.  I will be a much healthier person if only I were to get rid of all of that processed food.  My question is, how?