Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Meal plan for 11/19/15

Tomorrow, I made a promise to better follow my diet plan.  I managed to follow most of my plan, but not all of it.  I don't feel guilty about it.  In fact, I feel just fine.  I am not frustrated and I don't feel weak and powerless to take action.  Here is my proposed meal plan for tomorrow, 11/19/15:

1 bowl of "raisin bran" cereal with 1 cup unsweetened almond milk

Snack 1
1 small apple

1 ham and cheese sandwich wrap
1 serving french fries

Snack 2
1/2 cup chocolate caramel brownie yogurt

1 ham and salami sandwich
1/2 cup chocolate caramel brownie yogurt

Snack 3
1 slice healthy multi-grain bread
1 Tbsp. hazelnut spread

Snack 4
1/4 cup whole almonds

Total calories 1494
(According to Spark people)

Exercise Plan for 11/19/15
My goal is to walk.  Walking is just an exercise that is easy to do.  I plan to walk tomorrow morning. My plan is to walk at least an hour or two after I consume breakfast. I tend to walk around the 8:00 AM hour.  I realize that I need to develop exercise as a habit.  My major, more permanent goal is to live a healthy lifestyle, for I know the benefits of living that healthy lifestyle already.  I realize that it has helped me mentally, physically, and psychologically.