Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cycle of weight loss management

I have been living in a cycle of weight loss that has caused me to make progress one minute and no progress the next minute.  I realize that now and I have looked at the above cycle.  It is more of weight management.  If I wish to lose weight, then I need to consider factors such as my overall health and well being.  I am barely at the first step, which is a change of mind and of habit.  I am of the typical cycle of weight loss, which is a cycle of work, work, work, giving up, and frustration without producing any real long-lasting change.  I have been doing a good job living life as an overweight, frustrated woman who is approaching midlife.   I tire of painting such negative pictures of myself.  I have notice that the above cycle is only temporary and will produce life-lasting changes unlike one going on a diet and exercising.  Today, I don't have a set plan as far what to eat tomorrow but what is a given is to eat a healthy breakfast and to make this diet a healthy lifestyle instead.  I keep hearing and reading that and now I know what that entails.  I didn't know before and that was part of the frustration.  I do now.