Monday, October 19, 2015

What will I do as far as exercise?

I have made the decision that for now, maybe daily or weekly is the best for me as far as making plans.  I have yet to make any plans however because I have not done just one exercise or another. I recall when I have made plans.  I need to do that all over.  My plan tomorrow is to walk or do squats and lunges during the morning or the afternoon.  It is great doing this to music.  Music makes the workout less "painful" and seems to make the time of the exercise go faster.  I have to say exercise has been and is, beneficial because of my back pain.  I have had this problem recently and that stretching is also a good idea.  I have been given a few exercise sheets that would be beneficial to me. I realize that there are reasons to exercise such as pain, headaches, weight loss, and just another way to deal with anxiety.  I realize that I must keep those things in mind next time I walk or do another exercise, or two.