Thursday, October 15, 2015

Meal plan for 10/16/17

I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which means that because of this condition, healthy eating and exercise would be more than beneficial for me.  I agree that I am overweight and I agree that my eating habits are not so great right now, but my hope is that I will work on it by making small changes.  This would be helpful in losing weight and keeping it off.  Also, I am supposed to consume an advised 1500-1800 calories.  Below is my meal plan for tomorrow..

5 AM
Boost Shake- Creamy Strawberry
Calories: 250

Snack 1
6:30 AM
Boost Shake - Creamy Strawberry
Calories: 250

11:30 AM
1 cup Beef and vegetable stir fry with 1/2 cup jasmine rice
Calories: 470

Snack 2
1:00 PM
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream
Calories: 140

Snack 3
3:00 PM
1 large banana
Calories: 120 calories

5:00 PM
1 Roast beef-pepperoni sandwich
20 french fries
Calories: 570

Total: 1800 calories