Friday, October 16, 2015

Tomorrow's plan 10/17/15

Tomorrow, I am not so sure whether or not to make red beans and rice and chicken will be on the menu.  I realize that if I wanted to lose weight, I would follow my own plans.  Don't worry, these are good enough plans, but I could use some improvement.  I have been consuming foods that I either need to cut out completely or limit.  If I wish to lose weight and make sure my health does not decline, I will also have to consider working hard.  Having polycystic ovarian syndrome can be a frustrating disorder, if not already.  My weight has climbed over the years and it would be great to lose just 60 lbs.  I am overweight and I have been self-conscious of my weight, so exercise to me is not and should not be optional.  My plan is to do yard work tomorrow as well as walk, at least a little bit.  As I mentioned somewhat in a previous post, exercise is something I don't add often.  Maybe that needs to be changed.