Friday, June 10, 2016

Re-post from 6/9/16

I love these things, but I realize that they don't love me back.  That is what I have to learn.  I live in a world where either many have a "better relationship" with food, or have no food at all.  I have not been grateful for what I have.  I live in a nation where the majority of us even have any kind of relationship with food, and that includes myself.  I have written a prayer a few months ago about this.  Maybe if I were more grateful, then I would be able to follow a plan.  I am not so sure if there is a connection there, but I realize that the world is a big place (that has gotten smaller) and that there is much to choose from, at least in my neck of the world.  I am just grateful for all things.  I am also grateful that I have had the opportunities to create and follow the plans that I have tried to follow for myself.  Notwithstanding the fact that sometimes we are always busy and I tend to get busy quite often.  Well, anyways  I have decided not to create a plan for tomorrow. However, I have also decided that I have a lot to learn not just about making plans, but to create a plan to have a healthier relationship with food by making healthier choices.