Thursday, June 16, 2016

My meal plan for 6/17/16 and 6/16/16 reflection

Slim fast shake

Meal (total 500-600 calories)

Slim Fast shake

Snack 1
85 calorie smoothie with water

Snack 2
100 calorie fruit salad

Snack 3
slice of bread or fiber bar (90 calories)

If only I had done this for the past 2 or three days.  My goal is to consume between 1200-1300. However, my own limit is between 1200-1800 calories.  I am at this range because I guess it is a way to see what my average calorie intake would be.  I realize that my goal should be to consume within that range and exercise to the best of my ability...or rather better.  Making a specific goal with the mindset that I once had was difficult; it was due to my all-or-nothing thinking.  I try to be religious with following a meal and exercise plan, but I had difficulty following such plans.  My hope is that I am not being counterproductive when it comes to whatever reception I would receive.  What really is my goal or goals?  Maybe that has been the problem all along.