Friday, May 29, 2015

I can do this.

Today I have edited my grocery list for later on.  I have learned about eating healthy, thus to a point of being healthy.  Exercise does indeed play a role in that.  That is why it is a diet and exercise plan blog.  The purpose of my blog is about change.  The problem is, change is too hard for me.  It is hard to come by, but I have a chance.  I have been encouraged and encouraged and told to change.  I have been frustrated for the past few weeks because I was frustrated and had difficulty eating healthy.  I avoided fruits and vegetables to the point where I had to throw some of it away.  It took me this morning to learn that I had to think outside the box and look inside myself.  I have to go out there and just do it, starting today.  I have to learn to say no and not procrastinate.  I have done that more times that I care to mention.  Now if I only know how to make a meal plan that I could follow and make flexible.  That would be a good start.