Thursday, April 16, 2015

Re-post from 4/11/15

I know that I have not made any plans, but that is because I have made one in the past.  Sadly, I have little knowledge on HOW to follow a plan.  I know that if I were to follow a plan, then maybe I would have a great chance of losing weight.  I am on a healthy eating program and nowadays, I feel that I am wasting money on the program.  I don't eat healthy and I don't really exercise.  I however, wish to make more plans that I intend to follow.  However, how to I go about making those plans and why do I have to make those plans?  In other words, what are my goals? How do I determine what are the portion sizes?  How do I eat in moderation? What exercises would be good for me specifically, or at least for now?  Those are the questions that I need to answer whenever I make a meal plan or an exercise plan.