Sunday, April 26, 2015

Re-iterated my goals for myself since 4/25/15

I know I need to lose weight and I would like to.  My goals are changing and that is the problem.  It would have been nice that I could have had a set goal to stick to.  Now I am concerned.  I wanted to lose between 5 -10 pounds by next month.  It was a goal that I had in mind but I feel like I have failed.  I was considered a person who had not progressed and while it is quite a motivation, even that was not of help.  I would like to make realistic goals about my eating habits and my exercise regimen, which I really need help on.

Anyways, my real goals are to lose 1-2 pounds a week by formulating a realistic, specific regimen of exercises that interest me.  I would like to lose exactly 109 pounds within the course of 18 months.  I think that is a doable goals.  As I mentioned earlier, I would like to lose 1-2 pounds a week.  I would also like to cut back on sweets, salt, and fried foods, which I am slowly doing.  I don't care much for fried foods anymore, but I do snack a lot, I overeat at night, and I do add too much salt and other spices to my foods.  Those are the things that I would like to deal with.  Spacing out my eating and snack times help.  Measuring out my foods and limit my intake of salt and sugar are also of great help.  While those can be difficult, they are not daunting tasks.

Losing weight is very important to me in that one of my first goals was to lose weight.  I have struggled most of my life.  I never really felt good about my appearance.  I was either too overweight, or I wasn't pretty enough, or smart enough.  I had self-image issues for many years and those are the things that not only do I need help in, but I would like to improve that self-image.  I have come to realize that beauty, self-worth, or intelligence does not come with a certain shape or size.  Knowing my self-worth is important regardless of the number on the scale.