Friday, December 18, 2015

Questions that needed to be asked and things that I need to reflect on

How do I learn to eat healthy this holiday season?  How do I start a weight loss plan starting from or after this holiday season?  Those are the questions which I have to ask myself.  Last year, I tried doing such and all I was left with was wasted money and a multitude of days when I was frustrated.  I also realize that I have to make smaller changes than I normally would.  Now that is even harder for me to do.  The problem is, I know what small changes to make.  The problem is to make sure I know how to start off slow.  I will no longer say I have failed.  That has not helped.  I will not even say that I am a failure.  I realize that reflecting on the past year could be of great help to me now and hopefully, the rest of my days.