Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Reflection of today and a discussion about last nights' post

Last night, I didn't make any plans because I was quite "busy" and quite manic.  It is as if I was high and all seemed right with the world.  As I am writing this, I realize that maybe I should make plans according not to just my weight, but to the sum of all of my issues.  I have hormonal issues, muscular-skeletal issues, emotional, and anxiety issues.  Wow, I wonder what role diet and exercise really place as far as all of those health issues go.  I am now concerned about my health the way I have not been so before.  So basically, a good plan for me would be based on whole foods, a limit on juices, and on having diabetes.  I have been seeing a nutritionist over the years and I admit that it can be quite overwhelming, but maybe it is my own fault.  I have to answer why I am really so overwhelmed.  That is a good start, and that is what I need.  I need not just a good start, but a start. That will go a mighty long way into how I plan my daily diet and exercise routines.