Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Diet plan for 4/27/17

Usually consumed with either coffee, water, tea, or juice.  The meal is usually small and are consumed between 8-9 AM.

Often times it is the largest meal of the day.  I wonder what will happen if I were to consume a big breakfast and a lighter lunch.  However, that doesn't usually happen.  That way, it might go a long way into changing my weight loss goals.  Lunch is usually conserved between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM.

Out of the three meals, this is usually the smallest meal per day.  The average amount of calories is usually less than for breakfast and lunch.  I usually consume dinner between 3:30-4:30 PM.  It is also a lighter meal than breakfast and lunch, but I also consume the same food that I consume at lunch at times.  I wonder what would happen if my diet was more diverse.

I often consume fruits or canned fruits as snacks.  Sometimes I would consume 3 while other times I would consume 2, or 1, or even 4.  My plan is to consume less than 200 calories per snack.  Maybe my plan to consume less should be less than 150 calories instead of 200.

This plan would have an example of 1200.  This plan would have each meal with a specific amount of calories.  Here it is below.  Caloriewise, this would be a great goal.

8:30 AM
160 calories

Snack 1
9:45 AM
100 calories

11 AM-12:30 PM
400 calories

Snack 2
2-2:30 PM
150 calories

4:00-5 PM
390 calories

Total amount of calories 1200