Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Diet and exercise plan from another blog

Exercise plan:
See my exercise blog at blogspot.com

Diet plan:
1 cup cereal
1/2 cup reduced fat milk
1 cup coffee
1/2 cup juice

Snack 1
1 orange

Zucchini Moussaka

Snack 2
1 Apple

Zucchini Moussaka

Snack 3
Canned pineapple

Snack 4
Canned pineapple

Here is the true story:
My goal is to consume 1200 calories per day, but I realize that it won't always be possible.  I have to see calories as a budget or so.  I went to the doctor this morning and that is one of the things that I have learned about how much I can consume.  I have also struggled with having black and white thinking most of my life, which means all or nothing.  I am a person who has no clue how to relax, but I will.  It will take a lot of hard work, but I have to tell myself that I can do it.