Friday, March 31, 2017

Reflection for 4/1/17

Diet Plan
I plan to eat healthy.  The sad truth is that I need to do so.  I have been struggling to eat healthy so that I could be healthy.  I need to lose weight.  In fact, I am clinically obese.  The trouble is, I need to go to the store, then it would be easier to meal prep and thus, create a daily plan.  Maybe it should be more of a weekly plan instead of a daily plan, then it will be easier to create a daily plan.

Exercise Plan
I love to walk.  My goal is to walk.  However, I realize that I need to take a longer time to exercise.  I also need to walk faster.  I have good enough results, but I am supposed to walk for a total of more than an average.  I am bearing my heart out because I need to know that I can do it.  I have lost a few pounds and for my health, I want to learn more.