Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My confessions about weight...I plan to exercise tomorrow

What I am about to write is about my confession concerning losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  In order to see the future, I have to see what I did wrong.  I am 42 years old and one of the reasons that I had difficulty is because I focused on my age.  I wanted to look like I did when I was a teenager and remain that way.  I also wanted to lose all of the weight I gained before the last decade. I gained nearly 60 pounds in that year.

Over the years, I was diagnosed with having PCOS, which is really a hormonal condition that affects females, namely of child bearing years.  I wanted to lose weight before the age of 40 because I figure at a younger age, it will be easier.  I have been and remained anxious as a result of my weight gain.  I am confessing this because things have been a struggle for so long, that I need to get rid of the guilt.  I have decided that I have nothing to be guilty or confused about.  I need to lose weight and I want to lose weight.  I am not sure if I have made such a god or desire out of losing weight, but I feel like a failure.  I am not so sure if I can do it.