Saturday, April 16, 2016

Diet and exercise plan for 4/17/16

Meal: Breakfast
Time: 10;00 AM
What I ate or drink? Boost Shake
Number of calories: 250
How much or number of ounces: 8 oz. water + 32 oz. coffee + 8 oz. shake
Where eaten or drank:  Home
Reflection: A

Meal: Lunch
Time: 2:20 PM
What I ate or drink? 3 oz. meat, 1 serving starch, 2 cup vegetables and fruits, 2 servings whole grains
Number of calories: C-> 1000
How much or number of ounces: 32 oz. water
Where eaten or drank:  Home
Reflection: B

Meal: Dinner
Time: 4:30 PM
Food consumed: 3 oz. meat, 2 servings fruit and vegetables
Drink and amount consumed: 12 oz.water
Calories: 300
Where eaten or drunk: Home
Reflection: C

Meal: Snack 1
Time: 6:00 PM
Food consumed: 2 servings of fruit
Drink and amount consumed: 32 oz. water
Calories: Y=> 100
Location: Home
Reflection: D

Exercise plan for 4/17/16
Time: 6;30 PM
Exercise (s): 10-30 dancing
Mindset: I have a lot of weight to lose, but I wish I knew how much to lose.
Health conditions: PCOS, obesity, bipolar
Equipment and clothing: yes
Reflections: I am just afraid to stay the way that I am.  I wish to change all of that one day at a time.
Motivation: I want to be healthy and stay healthy.  I weigh over 300 pounds.
Calories burned: X=<100
Pulse: Y>=75
Time of exercise: 28 minutes
Exercise once today (including number of sets)