Saturday, June 17, 2017

Reflection about WW restults for 6/17/17

Soft wheat toast with chocolate-hazelnut spread
black coffee
Total points: 12

Extra Large Biscuits (3)
Sweet potato (1/2 cup)
Total points: 24

Extra Large Biscuits (2)
Total points:  17

1/3 cup raisins
canned pineapple
Total Points  8

Total points:  64

I only have 3 weekly points left.  I also have little patience for error.  I saw myself in the mirror and I have come to realize that I do complain.  I complain a lot.  I am a whiny person who has been considered annoying and that may be true.  I have gotten lazy over the years and I really need to lose weight.  I realize that those 3 points have become a wake up call.  I realize that the fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are what is necessary to lose weight and keep it up.  Eating too many processed foods have done me no good.  I am now on Weight Watchers and it is time that I need to stop making promises I cannot keep.