Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Keeping things simple

I realize that changing one's perspective one question at a time can lead to one solution at a time.  For instance, I make plans over and over.  The reason why is that I thought that it would help me to lose weight.  The truth is, I have lost weight, and these are great plans.  However, I have to change my perspective on how to formulate my plans.  The answer is to take an inventory of what I have and to leave behind as well what is not good for me.  I am at an age where I should know better.  However, I have been stuck. 

I complained all of the time when I realize that as a Christian, I have much to be thankful for.  First and foremost, Jesus, the Son of God, is my Lord and Savior.  As a believer in Christ, that is enough to be thankful for.  I am also thankful for my health and my ability to come to Him for not only in times of need, but in times of thanks and praise.  I write this because I don't have to remain where I am.  I can make changes.  For instance, I do consume way too much peanut butter and processed foods.  I see only the whys and the hows.  How do I change this and that?  How do I develop the taste for something healthy?  I don't wish to buy healthy foods only to not eat them, which is often what I do. 

The answer is to take things slow and keep things simple.  As I am writing this, I actually feel a sense of relief.  I am finally free from all of the guilt and all of the "pain" that comes with being overwhelmed.  I feel like everything that has overwhelmed me has finally been lifted off of me.  I am now none the wiser.