Thursday, May 25, 2017

Copied from 5/23/17

Lessons and plans I need to follow

I surprise myself.  My goal is to continue logging in to myfitnesspal and consume no more or somewhat within the 1700 to 1900 calorie range.  While I often miss the mark at 1800, caloriewise, I do well.  On the other hand, I have a lot to learn when it comes to planning my meals.  Peanut butter is one of my weaknesses.  I do consume too much of it.  It is supposed to be healthy in small doses, for instance.  Sadly, there is a fact that I have no clue how to eat or follow a plan.  I need to learn how to follow a plan.

I also need to exercise.  I am motivated.  The truth is, I am not sure if I will ever get to exercise.  The issue with me is, I have struggled to move on from the past.  I have made mostly meal and diet plans for myself.  Unfortunately, I don't usually take the time to do the same thing as far as exercise.  The main issues are what time to begin exercising, how many times to exercise, and which exercise to do. Where should I begin?

Here is the plan that I have been given.  That plan seems easy, but sometimes it is hard to implement.  The first thing I realize that I need to do is to follow said plan.  However, I tend to plan according to calories and calories alone.  Maybe I should follow the plan that was given to me and that I have tried to follow.  Here is my 1800 calories plan, yet I need to keep in mind that I don't always (and should) follow this particular plan:
400 calories

500 calories

400 calories

Snack 1
200 calories

Snack 2
200 calories

Snack 3
100 calories

1800 calories

The above plan is the plan that I try to follow.  However, this one plan is quite realistic and somewhat easy to follow.  I do realize, however, that the original  plan for me is 1/2 vegetables, 1/4  starches, and 1/4 meal and proteins.  This plan is based on the plate method, which is what the nutritionist has presented.  It has been hard to follow, no matter how easy it looks on paper and plate.  How do I follow this when my diet is so poor?  It is obvious, but it can be overwhelming.  In fact, following a plan can be quite overwhelming.  This would be because nothing comes easy for me because I have so many plans.  I love sweets and other trigger foods more so than fruits and vegetables at times, yet it is time that I need to change up my acquired tastes and add them to my diet.