Monday, October 27, 2014

Finally an entry

I have made no entry a favorite entry because I feel like I have nothing to offer.  I have made excuses for myself.  I have made plans to fail.  I am motivated yet have done nothing about it.  I wasn't motivated last week until I was worried that the diabetes has gotten worse.  I had a pricking and itching sensation on my left outer thigh.  That has caused me concern and worry, so as a result, I became afraid to eat food.  I am also worried about food portions.  I have made no plans, yet I intend to.

I have no excuse not to make any plans.  Whatever plans I had I failed to follow.  I wish I had followed those plans and eaten healthier.  I would like to be at a happy medium, which is to actually apply what I have learned through my meal planning and advice I have been receiving.  Sadly I have made any solid plans because I have sabotaged myself unintentionally.  In short, I have been in a cycle where I have plans to fail.  I would like to know how to overcoming the excuses, the worry, the diet cycle, and the procrastination.  How to go about doing so, I have no idea.