Thursday, September 18, 2014

It is about time

I have a confession or two to make.  Lately a lot of the menus are actually what I consume for the day.  They are not planned in advance, but they are written either as I go alone or they are what I eat anyways.  My diet has gotten poor.  It has gotten so poor that in fact, I had to thrown away healthy foods that I could have eaten a while ago.  Instead of nourishing my body it became nothing more than a waste of money.  Next time I would like to formulate a plan where there will be more fruits, vegetables, lean meats, dairy, and grains.  I admit that I do consume unhealthy foods.  I have difficulty planning foods in advance and that has been an issue lately.  I cannot take back these last couple of weeks, but at least I learned a lot from those weeks and I hope I will continue to do so.