Friday, February 5, 2016

Groundwork rules plus a reflection for today. 2/5/16

Diet Goals
• Consume 2000 calories or less; consume 1400-2000 calories per day.
• Go to the refrigerator and be patient enough to write a meal plan for the day or week.
• Make sure everyone is included in this plan.
• Make sure the plan is realistic.
• The plan is to follow a realistic schedule.
• Determine if I am really hungry in terms of the foods I eat (per meal).
• Write down trigger foods or drink.
• Read and write down nutrition labels.
• Be specific; write down times, trigger foods, nutrition, meals, and portions.
• Write down number of calories consumed.
• Write down a grocery list that will benefit everyone in the house. Shorten the grocery list.
• Do an inventory.

Exercise Goals
• Consider schedule for week.
• Consider how much time to exercise.
• Consider what exercises I am able to do.
• Consider the time of day when to exercise.
• Consider my mindset period.
• Consider my health.
• Consider if I am in need of equipment for said exercise such as shoes or weights.
• Consider the length of the actual exercise.
• Consider if I am able to exercise that long.
• Consider why I think exercise, in my mind, is still somewhat drudgery.
• Consider what my own motivation is to exercise.
• Consider my emotional and physical state during exercise.                
• Consider how I am supposed to gauge how much work I have done.
• Consider my results and not forget to log them.
• Consider the number of times to exercise per day.

Here are the groundwork rule for making a diet and exercise plan.  I feel like a total failure.  I also feel like a total hypocrite.  I have focused on losing weight which is good.  Because of said focus, I have lost sight of what I need to do.  It has become more of an obsession instead of something that I wish to see in proper perspective.  I feel bad about myself because I have gotten too complacent with my weight.  I have failed myself.  Little progress has been made over the years.  However, whatever progress I have made has been over ridden by unconscious self-sabotage.  It is as if I have become my own worst enemy.  I need help and I need support, from myself at least.  I have focused on the wrong things for so long that my heart was often no longer in it.  I have also focused on my weight than on other matters.  I felt as if my weight was holding me back.   I am at an age where I am young, but I am an adult so at one time I felt it was too late to begin.  I felt like my youth was gone.  It isn't quite gone however,  I have spent a lot of time comparing my body to others.  The first thing I need to do in order for me to lose weight is to focus on me and to respect and honor myself.  This is more than than a self-esteem issue for me now.  This is my life.