Saturday, July 8, 2017

Taking things too lightly

I am not sure.  What does it mean to not take something seriously?  I have been told seriously that I haven't been taking things seriously.  This would be about my health and specifically diabetes and being overweight.  Ouch.  In my mind, I have been taking things seriously, but on the outside, it is as if the proof is in the pudding.  I have not been taking things seriously.  I am over 100 points outside what I am supposed to consume, food and drink, during the course of a day.  Yes, that would be a sign of someone not taking it seriously, at least not seriously.  Why?  I struggle.  I have allowed myself to struggle.  Yes, losing weight is hard, but I have struggled to lose weight for over a decade now.  I am still the same weight range for over a decade and that has been a struggle just thinking about it.  I realize that I have approached things the wrong way.  It doesn't help that I still have a diet mentality and I binge eat.  So, how do I overcome those things?  Where do I begin?