Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Exercise and Meal Plan for 2/1/17

My plan is to walk.  I also wish to exercise from the internet via YouTube.  I am not sure which exercise to do, however.  (same as the last day or so)

Breakfast 320 calories
Snack 1 170 calories
Lunch 580 calories
Snack 2 160 calories
Dinner 420 calories
Snack 3 150 calories

wheat toast, turkey sausage, sliced ham or turkey, cream cheese, egg, juice

Snack 1
100 calorie snack pack

1/2 cup yogurt or ice cream, tortillas chips, ham and cheese sandwich

Snack 2
100 calorie snack pack

2 bean burritos with cheese

Snack 3

fruit salad