Sunday, May 1, 2016

May day reflection

Daily Exercise Plan

Meal: A
Time: B AM/PM
What I ate or drink? C
Number of calories: D
How much or number of ounces: E
Location: F
Carbs: G
Feelings and thoughts: H
Right: I
Wrong: J

Daily Exercise Plan

Time: A
Specific exercise: B
Mindset before exercise: C
Mindset after exercise: D
Equipment: E
Reflections for exercise: F
Calories burned: G
Pulse: H
Time limit of exercise: I
Actual time of exercise: J
Number of sets: K
Reflections: L

I just ate some unhealthy food.  Creating a meal and exercise plan has become more or less an obsession of mine.  It seems to be everything in my life is based on an obsession of mine.  Maybe I should just follow the advice that I have been given and go from there.